Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

A portion of your purchase of GROWING A RAINBOW supports the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation


  • To prevent preterm birth through education and research.
  • To support the best standards of care for premature babies.
  • To give premature babies and their families a voice across Canada.


  • Leverage awareness across Canada by initiating and coordinating local and national activities such as the World Prematurity Day.
  • Raise awareness of the public, the media and government on issues affecting preterm birth
  • Reduce the incidence of preterm births by promoting standardized and effective pre- and ante-natal screening programs.
  • Provide understandable and readily accessible information for families before, during and after preterm birth.
  • Promote the establishment of local and provincial family associations and support such initiatives with information.
  • Improve neonatal care through education and research by providing a platform for Canada-wide activities.
  • Promote the training and further education of all medical, nursing and allied health professions involved in the care and after-care of premature and sick newborns.
  • Establish similar standards of care for sick newborns across Canada.
  • Promote the improvement of transitional care of premature children after discharge from hospital and improving community care
  • Establish and coordinate a scientific advisory panel for interdisciplinary, experimental and clinical research to improve the care of premature newborns
  • Secure long-term public funding for newborn and family issues.
  • Establish and coordinate a political advisory panel to secure long-term public funding for newborn and family issues