Beyond the Shadows (anthology by Mystic Inkwell, Jan 2019)


Lesley Donaldson proudly joins 16 authors in this grimdark anthology, published by Mystic Inkwell.


About Lesley's The Crowning Ceremony:

Darna, an indentured servant, bent the rules to be on stage during the auspicious birth of the royal matriarch's twins. What would she do to conceal the truth that only she discovers during the Crowning Ceremony?

"If the naked man being shackled to the floor in front of the elevated throne was lucky, Vyctra Scosan would deliver her twins before his sentencing. No vyctra before her had beheaded so many men in such a short period of time since the purging of unclean magic in the Time Before. Darna rather hoped the man wouldn’t be."

About the collection:

Greed. Vengeance. Betrayal.

The glint of an assassin’s blade. The growing stain of blood. The exchange of dark deeds and the consummation of plans laced with greed.

For eons, the shadows have concealed humanity’s dark heart, now see it laid bare.

Dark and gritty worlds come to life in this thrilling anthology, brought to you by sixteen new and best-selling authors. Dive into the pages of this collection and prepare yourself for an onslaught of grim and dark tales.

Grab your copy of Beyond the Shadows today and prepare yourself to keep turning the pages long into the darkness of night.


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