The Queen's Viper SIGNED PRINT copies

The Queen's Viper SIGNED PRINT copies


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Time heals all wounds. Except hers.

Viper is a Blessed One, a Daoine Tor who feeds upon aeir, the life-magic of humans. In Tudor England, she meets Princess Elizabeth and learns about a mysterious amulet that stirs repressed memories. Viper elevates Elizabeth to the English throne to enhance the Kingdom's life-magic and find the amulet. The immortal seeks her kindred, only to encounter a malevolent enemy who imprisons her. Centuries later, Viper inexplicably emerges into 2012 London. She enlists the help of her Foundling, Mouse, and his eclectic cadre of human helpers, to overcome supernatural and man-made threats to her freedom as she seeks revenge upon her nemesis, Annys, and the descendants of the mortals who helped her...starting with Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen's Viper re-imagines Celtic folklore in a story that interweaves history and modern day in a gripping urban fantasy, featuring a complex anti-hero who scoffs at glittery fairy wings

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ISBN 978-0-9937823-3-6 eBook
ISBN 978-0-9937823-2-9 print, softcover 6x9, 476 pages

The Queen’s Viper gives us a complex anti-hero—she is both merciless and compassionate, wields considerable powerful yet relies on her cunning. Don’t look for simple good versus evil here. Mixing modern and historical fantasy, The Queen’s Viper has enough magic, action, scheming and political intrigue for a trilogy.

-Matt Moore, Co-Chair, Ottawa Chiaroscuro Reading Series